More in detail

On this page I will explain in future the more complicated details of "Ending Recession" and moving to higher levels of prosperity:

1. Government austerity during a recession will bring the economy deeper into recession. The opposite of austerity is required to get out of a recession as fast as possible. Governments must spend on infrastructure projects instead of cutting spending on them.

2. INFLATION is totally misunderstood. To get out of a recession and move to greater prosperity, inflation is a needed ingredient of an upward moving economy. Incentives should be created to increase production of WANTED goods and services. The production of wanted goods and services will create DEFLATION that will offset some of the INFLATION and possibly all of inflation that will initially be created by the increase of consumer spending that is needed to get out of a recession or to move to higher levels of prosperity.

3. The concept of GDP is complete nonsense and it is the cause of many disastrously incorrect economic policy measures.

4. Democracy is totally overrated as the ideal form of government that is promoted as leading to maximum individual freedom and prosperity. Democracy is a very appealing idea of equal rights for everybody and a more "fair" distribution of assets in a society, while not requiring equal contributions and equal duties from everybody. The most fundamental aspect of Democracy is the "one man one vote" rule. That leads to a very low value of a vote, if everybody has one. The value of a vote is so low that it can be very inexpensively "bought" by those who would wish to control government, because all the "poor" people will eagerly give their vote to those who "buy" those votes in exchange for promises of more equal distribution of economic resources by taking from the "rich" and giving to the "poor" that what they take from the "rich". It sounds nice and "fair" but has as a consequence the slow collapse of and economy. It will be explained why that is so. 

5. Taxation is the greatest source of corruption by government officials and spcial interests that buy the services of elected officials and government bureaucrats with the help of lobbyists that stuff the pockets of those they bribe. Taxation with thousand of pages of tax code at every level of government and over 30,000 taxing agencies in the United States alone must be replaced by a single form of taxation that collects as much or more tax than the 30,000 taxing agencies combined and has fewer than 20 pages of tax code. That system of taxation is called

6. Elections are a very dumb method to derive at good quality leadership.